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Valentine's Day


                                   Hand of Love   Blue Valentine     


Romance, love and desire are strong themes in Ron's work.  Notable works are his interpretation of The Song of Solomon that includes a commentary by poet George Szirtes. Also, his clever as well as cheeky Turn Over Darling ; a blind embossed book where the female's pose changes with every turn of the page. You can also see full on-line versions of both. 

Ron often creates a Valentine's day piece for his wife, sculptor Willow Legge, a couple of which he and she are happy to show and share with you here (see above).  They have been together now for over 60 years, so there are some long lasting tokens in Willow's collection!

If you feel inspired yourself, we have available a small collection of handmade cards that Ron created for the V&A.  We think they would make very special Valentine's day cards.  They start with a question mark, open out to a heart and each features an individual mini-collage on the inside.    We also have a poetic pop-up card 'Ah, what a trifle is a heart' card or perhaps you might like your own copy of Turn Over Darling or the delightful second edition book of The Song of Solomon.

Timing is everything so do make sure to get your order in early this week !

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