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Games of Patience

Series 3 - Games of Patience

Now that Autumn has arrived, our thoughts and reflections have turned from a summer at home to the wider world stage and we find ourselves in a somewhat more serious mood. Here we introduce our third series ‘Games of Patience’ a social and political body of work created in 1981, for an American art benefactor, on the theme of games of solitaire. Little has been written about this series, so we have asked Ron to tell us more.  You can get this insight at The Story behind the Making of The Games of Patience.  

Focus on John Christie

Focus on John Christie

Don't miss the opportuntity to read an interview with Ron's long term friend and collaborator John Christie.  You can read more about his work with Ron over the last 40 years and keep current with an update on John's projects, including his book with writer John Berger as well as some new artworks he has on exhibit.