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A Series of Masks and Totems



Thank you for all the great feedback to the launch of Ron's site. This last month we have created our first Series: Masks and Totems.  This features some very rare first edition prints from Ron's iconic versions of Chaucer's Prologue to the Canterbury Tales and the powerful series of Macbeth images. The hardly seen Early Masks and Totems that informed his work on these two classic texts were exciting finds in the Plan Chest drawers and we have included them too. As we have put this together Ron's behind-the-scenes stories have been so interesting and often funny that we have decided to share these with you.  Be sure to click on the links provided so that you don't miss out on some lively reading ! 

We hope you enjoy the chance to see these pieces once more, or for the first time, and perhaps add them to your collections.  Do share his work with others and visit or to keep updated with what Ron is doing.