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We are delighted to introduce Ron's ACROBAT mini-series with new work cut from board and inspired by trapeze artists.

The fluidity of the acrobats' forms and ease in the air are captured in these colourful, bold pieces. 



Ron has long been interested in the circus and his collection of cuttings from magazines, drawings and photographs go back to the 1960s. A visit to watch the the performers at Cirque de Soleil also made a big impact on him. The incredible display and feats that the acrobats were able to accomplish with just the human body fascinated him. "There was lots going on at the same time and you had to be on the ball to keep up with the incredible display and completely different poses the acrobats were able to put their bodies through". 

Over the years, Ron has used the marvellous visual spectacle of the circus, with something of the grotesque about it, as a stimulus for his ideas and work. Notably, this can be seen in Circus Turn, dedicated to its characters and performers and the acrobats featured in his Pyramid Patience, from his Games of Patience series. He has also experiemented with moveable acrobatic figures, cut out and painted from old Song of Solomon books he found a re-invented.

Circus Turn Title Circus Turn - Ron King


Acrobat Book (1) Ron King   Acrobat book (1i) Ron King Acrobat Book (2) Ron King Acrobat Book (3i) Ron King

 Acrobat Maquette (Ron King Studio)

Acrobat Maquette 2 Ron King Studio