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Announcing a new Circle Press publication

Sedna and the Fulmar


Ron King has created a new publication 'Sedna and the Fulmar', an Inuit myth with poems by Richard Price, illustrated and printed in blind relief.

The book retells the story of the young woman Sedna, tricked by a mysterious lover, then betrayed by her father and ultimately magically transformed into a sea goddess who is central to Inuit belief. Walrus, whale and seal are created for the first time in the enchantment of Sedna's transformation.

The story is one that Ron has wanted to respond to since first encountering the myth in Canada, more than fifty years ago.  Now, in this powerfully understated work, he has found a way.

The book, almost entirely white; uses blind embossing to make shadows of the images and Inuktitut words. These, as well as the light toned letterpress of Richard Prices's poems, create an atmosphere of soft yet austere definition, inscribing sensual and increasingly dramatic outlines into the landscape of snow and ice, lending itself to the mood of the narrative. 

Made up of seven unbound french-fold sections 28 x 29 cms with ten single page images and five double page spreads.

The embossing, from wire and shaped board, has been pressed into Khadi hand made paper from India.  The sections are contained in a thick hand made card wraparound and held in a blue folder inserted into a canvas covered slip case 30 x 31.5 x 5.5 cms.

The edition is limited to forty fully signed and numbered copies, plus ten initialed marked H.C. and can only be purchased from Sophie Schneideman Rare Books for £1,200.