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Studio Note - Far Flung Places

This week Ron has been approached by the Government Art Collection where, it turns out, and we have discovered, that three works from the current Mask and Totems series are located in some far flung corners of the globe.  Baby Doll is in the United Arab Emirates British Embassy in Abu Dhabi and Pardoner and Chaucer in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Ron's now iconic interpretation of Chaucer's Prologue to the Canterbury Tales is becoming increasingly rare, with no first-edition books available.  In the current Series of Chaucer Masks you can see some first-edition prints but they are very small in number, with only one of each of HostNun and Squire, available of this collectable work. 


Ron King Studio - Host - Chaucer's Prologue

Chaucer's Prologue to the Canterbury Tales (1967)
Whilst we're on the topic of far flung corners, so many of you, from several parts of the globe - Canada, France, Italy and Brazil, to name some - have visited Ron's site and sent us some very kind feedback. Here are a couple of comments that we'd like to share:
"Just to say how much I am enjoying seeing Ron King's magical work on my screen, without any effort from me! Please keep it going"

"I love receiving these emails - In the midst of all the offers to 'inherit $1,000,000 from a mysterious benefactor' … or reminders that my mobile bill is overdue, it is lovely to see a visual gem.  Thank you"

Let us know what you think too at or @ronkingstudio.
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