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Playing a patient game ...

Games of Patience - Le Caprieuse
Hello again

Now that Autumn has arrived, our thoughts and reflections have turned from summer at home to the wider world stage and we find ourselves in a somewhat more serious mood.  This is why we have taken another look at Ron's Games of Patience series, created in the early 1980s for an American art benefactor on the theme of games of solitaire.  It is a haunting and intriguing body of work upon which Ron shone a daring and disturbing light over political and social prejudices and, in some extreme cases, persecution.

This thought-provoking work is rarely seen and little has been written about it.  So, we have asked Ron to give us some more insight into what motivated him to create these pieces.  You can read more about it and see some of the resources he used in our The Story behind the making of Games of Patience.  Be sure to also see the full set of prints in this dedicated series.  They are a blunt, sometimes uncomfortable, and intellectually demanding, visual experience that will leave an indelible impression on the unceasing condition that is humankind.

Also this season we are delighted to feature an interview with Ron’s long-term collaborator, the artist John Christie.   In it you can read more about how he met and worked with Ron, how the artistic friendship has developed and evolved over the years, as well as find out about his new projects: Lapwing and Fox, a book collaboration with writer John Berger and his exhibition The Accordionist and Other Works, which is open throughout October at the North House Gallery, in Manningtree.



As always, thank you for your support, comments and encouragement. 

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