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Joining in Shakespeare 400th Anniversary Celebrations

There has been a lot of activity over the weekend for the Shakespeare 400th anniversary celebrations and it has got us inspired to mark the occasion too.  So, featured on Ron King Studio once more are Ron's dramatic, visual interpretations of the cast of Macbeth for your enjoyment.. 

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Ron King - Series 2: Alphabet - goes live !

Hello!Ron King Studio has been beavering away these last few months to pull together our new Series from Ron's immense and brilliant Alphabet creations ...Still so fresh and pleasing, we share with you all the favourites as well as some work that you will not have seen before - paintings, collages, children versions and small book inserts that you can buy as a special alphabetical keep-sake.  Also, hot off the press, is news of a brand new large metal alphabet that is being made in London as we write.Here too you can marvel at the cleverness, construction and versatility of the work.  You can also read it's over 30 year story and see where else the Alphabet has featured in public - the Gutenberg Museum, hoardings at the British Library and the Crafts Council's 40:40 (Forty Objects for Forty Years), to name some.  We...

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Flowers for Mother's Day

Hello,We have flowers, bunches of them, in all colours and varieties.  They are Ron's studies in watercolour, pastel, crayon and pencil.  We think they might just make the perfect gesture for anyone wanting to give their mother something a bit more this year, when Mothering Sunday comes around on March 6th.  These flowers will last and last too...For the collector, we have the first of Ron's oil paintings Red Flowers from the 1960s, available for sale.  A chance to own a unique and rarely seen work.All the best,Ron King Studio

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A message from the heart

Hello,We are acting Cupid this week and have put together a few small items that would make a perfect Valentine's Day love token for your beloved.Romance, love and desire feature in much of Ron's work - from his books The Song of Solomon and Turn Over Darling to the Valentine's Day cards he did for the V&A - a few of which we still have left. We hope these bring out the romantic in you !All the best,Ron King Studio

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Christmas Bird

Here in the Studio a little of the festive season has begun to take hold.   So, in that spirit, we have dug out a rarely-seen early silk screen print, made in 1963, of Ron's Christmas Bird.        This striking silk-screen print could make a lovely one-off and meaningful gift for someone or perhaps you might like one to deck your own halls ... We are also offering free postage and packaging on the purchase of ANY print from the current Masks and Totems series.  Don't forget to take account of last posting days for Christmas, which can be found at Royal Mail. Lastly, if you are in London, and in the Notting Hill area, head up Portobello Road to Sophie Schneideman's super little gallery, where she has a wide selection of Ron's work - both...

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