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Alphabet Elsewhere

Alphabet is held in many public and private collections and has been commissioned, in various forms, since it's inception.  Enjoy this look back at the different faces and forms Alphabet has taken ...

Blue City Funk

In 1989 The British Library commissioned Ron to contribute a piece for the hoardings when the new building was in progress. Blue City Funk was his piece.

Later, when the first hoardings were removed, they asked him to oversee a new street art gallery.  14 artists were featured, including, amongst others, John Christie, Tom Phillips, Liz RidealMarc Vaux and Bruce McLean.  Here is an article in the Sunday Times that was written at the time...  

This is the second piece Ron did for the British Library and it can now be seen as part of the nation's National Collection ART UK.  

British Library - Alphabet Hoarding

A major exhibition called The Looking Book was held at The National Theatre Cathy Courtney wrote the book to accompany it, which also included all these works. 

The TATE housed the Alphabeta Concertina books in their shop in this specially designed display box.

TATE - Alphabeta Concertina display box - Ron King

Pizza Express commissioned a wooden landscape version to feature in their restaurants in the 1990s. 

Pizza Express - Alphabet Commission - Ron King

ECHO was created in the 1980s and was displayed in the entrance to the Thomas Manns publishers offices in London.

ECHO - Alphabet Series - Ron King

The University of Tübingen and Druk and Book bookshop in Germany, held a show featuring the work of Circle Pres.   Ron created this invitation for them.  

Ron King Studio - Alphabet Invitation

This was seen by the Gutenberg Museum  who later held a major retrospective of Circle Press' work.  As part of the exhibition Ron was filmed constructing a super-size 'White Alphabet' piece which was then displayed at the entrance hall to the Museum. 

Pallant House Gallery, UK, also asked Ron to create an invitation to the opening of their new wing, built in 2006.  

Pallant House Gallery - Ron King - Invitation - Alphabet Series

They later featured an exhibition of Ron's work which included his wooden sculpture (30cm in height) A, B, C ... 

Ron King - A, B, C in wood sculpture - Alphabet Series

The Crafts Council featured Ron's Alphabet I poster as one of it's selections in 40:40 (Forty objects for Forty Years) in 2011 to celebrate it's 40 year anniversary. 

Alphabet Considered

See MoMAs take on artists alphabets in 2012 that references Ron's Alphabeta Concertina book.  

The Independent reviews collecting artists books with a particular mention of Ron's 'White Alphabet'.

Richard Price, poet, collaborator and Head of Contemporary Collections at the British Library, considers the collaboration of Roy Fisher and Ron in Half Year Letters