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Masks and Totems

Masks and Totems- Ron King Studio



There is still time to visit the first four series to find a selection of Ron's mask creations 

Enjoy a look back to the 1960s and the beginning of Ron's work as book artist and print maker.  Here we take you on the first part of Ron's journey and share some of the very early, rarely seen African and Brazilian inspired masks which influenced and led to much of the work you see in the classic texts he created for the Chaucer's Prologue and Macbeth.

Theatrical, bold, colourful and full of hidden soul, we are delighted to have unearthed the remaining few First Edition prints and present them to you in four wonderful collection groups.  Enjoy the portrayal and light touch given to Chaucer's characters from the Prologue, feel the menace that threads through the Macbeth images or relate to the moods of the week-days in the Early Masks and carnvial flavour of the Large Masks. 

Which One Are You?

Are you feeling like a Monday Man, a welcoming Host a bit of a Rebel,  Perhaps another ?  Tell us who your alter-ego might be today  @ronkingstudio 

 Ron King - Host - Chaucer's Prologue Ron King - Monday Man - Early Masks
Ron King - Rebel - Large Masks Ron King - Lady MacDuff - Macbeth